Nansi Jean Olson BScN; MEd.



Heart to Heart Educational Services



9:00am - 5:00pm

Elks Lodge Penticton
343 Ellis Street

Nansi Olson

Phone: (778) 877-5801
Fax/Toll-Free: () -
Email: foodsafe.level.one@gmail.com

Please register via text to 778-877--5801 or email: foodsafe.level.one@gmail.com. Cost is $80.00 including your certificate and textbook. The course can be completed in about 8 hours. The time mentioned includes class, breaks and testing time for most individuals. Seventy percent (70%) is the passing mark. Most participants find this achievable. Results and temporary certificates are provided on the training day. Certificates will be provided by Interior Health and will be mailed directly to you. The certificate does expire and a re-certification after five-years will be necessary. COVID-19 – Class-size is very limited. If for any reason you were feeling unwell please do not attend. Notify us as soon as possible as we will have a waitlist. Social distancing is in place. Please bring your own pen and highlighter. Hand sanitization is in practice. Masks are mandatory Parking is available in the front of the Elks. Please bring a pen, a drink, and a lunch or you can go out during the half hour lunch break. See you there!