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All of our FOODSAFE Level 1 classes run as a 7 hour course with exam. At the end of the course is an exam which when successfully completed, gives you your FOODSAFE Level 1 certification. Exams are marked at end of class and temporary certificates are available immediately, while official certificates are mailed out within 4-6 weeks. Your certificate is valid for 5 years from date of class. The learning environment includes slides, videos, and other interactive learning tools which make the course enjoyable and user friendly. Our instructors are all Environmental Health Officers and they will be able to share their experiences, knowledge, and real-world, day-to-day examples of food safety. Your registration cost covers the course, your FOODSAFE Level 1 Participant Workbook, and Certification. Our Environmental Health Officers have a special interest in providing you with the best learning experience possible. We at Grade A Learning don’t just want to see you pass the exam, we want to provide you with superior knowledge and understanding to ensure you keep your customers safe with every meal. Head to to register as we accept online payment. Contact us for group rates and group discounts!